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Venture capitalists and industry leaders are gearing up for the much-anticipated VC Founders Summit, set to take place on September 21st. 

Held in Singapore, this year's summit will bring together a diverse array of participants from across sectors and geographies, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing.

Our Previous Events

We have organized more than 40 Events for major players and companies in the world such as OKX, Zeebu, Gate io, Symbioniq Foundation and more.

We have helped companies create unique experiences for their guests as well as SURPASS their expected goals and KPIs.


IstanHack Hackathon

$7500 Prize Pool (While at Coinoxs)

VC Founders Cruise 2024

Singapore and Dubai (Beincrypto)

Tokenhack Hackathon

$15000 Prize Pool at singapore

And Also Many More

From Around the world

Previous Events

Token2049 Singapore

Paris Blockchain

ETH Denver

Istanbul blockchain
week 2024

Binance Blockchain
Week 2024

WOW Summit

Conferences we are Partnering with

We are partnered with major conferences around the world that deal with web3, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Technology and more.

Use the code ASPIRE for discounts at any of the conferences below.



Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you to a magical experience at the Marina Bay sands rooftop on September 21st. This is a premier event before the racing day where guests can meet up in excitement and class.

Enjoy a night of amazing music, wonderful people and beautiful faces and a lot of surprise guests coming in from around the world. This event is the official after party for the VC Founders Summit

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