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Bonuz Market

Bonuz, where purposeful interaction meets rewarding experiences. Join a future-proven platform beyond Web3 that's not only profitable but will transform and evolve with endless use-cases over time.

Bridging the Real and Digital Worlds with Purposeful Engagement

📢 Intro
Discover Bonuz, the first self-custodial social smart wallet that seamlessly integrates real-world and digital experiences. Users earn rewards by attending events, completing quests, and doing real-world tasks, all linked to their on-chain identity while enjoying all known standard wallet functions. Access a Trillion-Dollar Crypto Market to bridge swaps and DApps in the most user-friendly way ever.

💡 Category: SocialFi, GameFi, Smart Account Wallet, Utility
Founder's 3min Video Pitch:

⚡️Some Key Features:
- On-Chain Social ID: Connect and aggregate your favorite social media accounts, interact with verified users, and avoid impersonators.
- User-Friendly Web3: Simple social login with Gmail, Apple, or email, providing a non-custodial wallet without gas fees.
- Web2 Simplicity, Web3 Power: Enjoy the ease of Web2 with full Web3 capabilities, finalizing transactions with a single tap.
- Smart Wallet Integration: Securely access and interact with popular Web3 dApps and apps.
- Innovative Features: Utilize token gating, earn VIP status, and receive bonuses or airdrops through quests and loyalty programs.
- Blockchain Agnostic: Compatible with any EVM blockchain and supports Bitcoin and non-EVM chains.
- Interoperability across the entire DApp Ecosystem via Wallet Connect Integration.
- Fiat Onramp: Buy Crypto with Fiat via the leading Providers.
- Fiat Offramp: Spend Crypto easily with pay cards via Apple & Google Pay integration.

📈 Traction & Milestones:
- Award-Winning: Recognized for its real-world utility and gamification, Bonuz won prestigious awards at Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2022 and India Blockchain Week 2023.
- Grants & Funding: NEAR Foundation, Biconomy, Google Cloud, and funded by Cypher Capital, De.Fi, New Tribe Capital, and Crypto Oasis.
- Audit: Smart contract audited by Hacken with 10/10 score.

- Matthias Mende: Founder of Bonuz, co-founder of Dubai Blockchain Center, public figure, and influencer. X ( - LinkedIn (
- JeanClaude Aoun: Tech lead featured in TechCrunch, Google Dev Fest mentor, and startup award winner.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Top Angels & KOLs:
- Investors: Ahmed Balaghi (Biconomy), Dr. Marwan Alzarouni (Dubai Blockchain Center), Juliet Sue (New Tribe Capital), and more.
- Influencers: Eljaboom, Carl Moon, Davinci Jeremy, and more invested KOLs.

Collaborations & Partnerships:
- Influencers with over 150 million followers and collaborations with experiences like World Club Dome, attracting 180k visitors per festival.

Advisory Board:
- Industry leaders including Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, Rich Stromberg, Saygin Yalcin, and more.

⚡️Links for the Bonuz Revolution:
Web: Bonuz Social Wallet (
Private Sale: Request Form (
Public Investor & KYC Dashboard: Bonuz (
Resources: White Paper | (

📱 @BonuzMarket (
📱 @BonuzMarket (
📱 @BonuzMarket (

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