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Crypto Airlines is a Solana based project focused on providing a crypto-focused hotel, flight & yacht reservation service.

Fly the Future with Crypto Airlines

📢 Intro
Crypto Airlines is a groundbreaking project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Solana Network, designed to offer a crypto-focused airline service. Utilising the $CAIR token as its native cryptocurrency, Crypto Airlines facilitates payments and provides benefits related to flights, hotels, and yacht reservations. By merging blockchain technology with the travel industry, Crypto Airlines aims to be a pioneering force, delivering an innovative and profitable travel experience.

💡 Solution
Crypto Airlines leverages blockchain technology to revolutionise the travel industry. By integrating the $CAIR token, the platform ensures secure, efficient, and transparent transactions for all travel-related services. The project aims to set a new standard in the industry, offering seamless, crypto-centric solutions for flights, hotel stays, and yacht reservations.

📦 Products
Flight Services: Crypto-focused airline services allowing users to book flights using $CAIR tokens.

Hotel Reservations: Secure and efficient hotel booking platform leveraging blockchain technology.

Yacht Reservations: Exclusive yacht booking services integrated with the $CAIR token.
Staking and Benefits: Opportunity for users to earn profits by staking $CAIR tokens, along with enjoying exclusive benefits.

Partnerships and B2B Payments: Expanding the ecosystem through strategic partnerships and enabling B2B payments within the travel industry.

Crypto Airlines stands out as a revolutionary approach in the travel services sector, offering a glimpse into the future of travel through blockchain technology. Our goal is to lead among crypto projects, becoming a top player in the travel industry and setting the standard for innovation and success.

Binance pay whitepay
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300 Hotel Chains across Europe

📈 Metrics
Community Size - 3000 Community on Twitter, 1000 community in Telegram.
Growth Potential -

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Founder Team:
• Metin YUN - Founder Crypto Airlines, London School of Economics and Political Science, Serial Entrepreneur.

👨🏻‍🏫 Key Advisors
• Erdem AKSOZ - Founder Most Idea Software
• Corentin Cadieu - Ox labs , HEC Paris - Web3 Grant Research

💵Round → Your Deal
• Closed a small round (500k)
• Currently closing Pre-seed round:
• Ask: US $500k

📆 Timeline
2024 Q1: Preparation and Launch. Research and Development
2024 Q2: Exchange Listing and Public Sale. Token Locked, Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Listing
2024 Q3: Development and Testing. DEX Listing, Liquid Pool locked, Hotels Agreement
2024 Q4: Ecosystem Development and Expansion, Mobile App Development, Security Auditing

🔗 Important Links:
➡️ Website:
➡️ Twitter:
➡️ Telegram:
➡️ Whitepaper:

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