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World's first privacy conscious decentralised AGI built for enterprizes. Zero Knowledge (Zk) Proofs x AI built on decentralised Physical infrastructure Network (DePIN)

ZkAGI: Revolutionizing AI with Privacy and Decentralization, World’s First DePIN for Privacy-Preserving AI.

ZkAGI addresses the privacy issue in AI by merging Zero Knowledge (ZK) technology with decentralized GPU infrastructure (DePIN), offering secure and private AI computation on a cost-effective platform. Leveraging Zynapse, our ZkML Coprocessor, the API empowers seamless AI operations without exposing sensitive data, making it the prime choice for developers and enterprises seeking privacy-centric AI solutions with high processing speeds and significant cost savings.

💡 Solution
Zynapse API: Core infra solution offering decentralized, secure access to AI infrastructure, ensuring privacy and easy deployment of Zero knowledge proof-enabled machine learning models.

📦 Products
• ZkSurfer: A suite of tools for secure online automation, code gen, content generation, node setup and marketing, leveraging Zynapse API.
• AI Launchpad: DO / ICO platform for AI projects building on Zynapse API

DeepBrain Chain | NeuroChain AI| Accseal | | | | MahaDao | TekTorch | ZeroLend | | GamersXP | 1AssetExchange | Router Protocol | Spheron | Precipitate | LilAI | Cluster Protocol | Coldstack | Dextr Exchange | Velvet Capital | NeoFi | Plus an ecosystem of 50+ partners

📈 Metrics
• Current DePin GPU Capacity: 1 TB+
• Value of assets in DePIN: $200K+
• Social media community: 10K+
• Developer ecosystem (MOUs): 100K+
• Web2/Web3 Start-up distribution: 2K+
• Github contributions: 1500+
• Enterprise & Startup customers & Partners: 50+
• Tech Contributors (): 100+
• Distribution network / Channel partnerships: 1M+

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Founder Team:
• Aten Krotos (aka Suraj): Founder & CEO, 5+ years AI domain exp; MS in CS at University of Illinois.
• Atharva: CTO & Co-founder, winner of numerous hackathons like ETHWaterloo, Google Summer of Code 2022; IIT KGP.+ Tech, marketing, BD, Infra, GPU & domain experts

👨🏻‍🏫 Key Advisors
• Pranay Sanghavi: (TGE) Strategy + Business
• Sanjay Kumar: (Partner, Deloitte, ex-IMF/World Bank) - Business & Economics
• Fahd Mirza: AI Infrastructure
• Chirayu Tripathi: Machine Learning
• Michelle Loke: FinTech
• Amrit Mirchandani: PR & Marketing
• Gafoor Khan: Branding + Community Marketing
• Steve Drew: Blockchain

💰 Investors
Amesten | Samara Asset Group | Maha Capital |
Other angels from Google, Microsoft, Bastion Trading and more

💵Round → Your Deal
• Currently closing Pre-seed B round
• Total Ask across Pre-Seed A and B: $1M
• Allocation left: $640K
• Valuation: $14.5M
• Raising small-sized cheques (minimum $20K - max $150K) from individually selected angels & funds in Pre-Seed B

📆 Timeline
Testnet deployed Q4 2023
PoC launch Q1 2024
ZkAGI website & whitepaper v1 launch Q2 2024
Zynapse API private beta release Q2 2024
TGE (tentative) Q2 2024
Full mainnet release Q3 2024

🔗 Important Links:
➡️ Launch Tweet:
➡️ Website:
➡️ Whitepaper
➡️ Tokenomics: Coming soon (refer pitch deck)
➡️ Twitter:
➡️ Telegram:
➡️ Gitbook:

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