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AI Hub
AI Hub is a multi-platform solution that allows you to access multiple AI services with a single account and payment method. It consolidates various distributed AI services under one roof, supported and enhanced by three core feeders: GPTVerse, Partners, Community

AI Education Language Tutor
With the AI Language Tutor, you can learn any language, assess your proficiency level, and enhance your conversational skills through interactive chats. Utilize AI HUB for text-based interactions and GPTVerse Multiverse for voice-based communication.

Multi-PDF Chatbot
The Multi-PDF Chatbot is a unique product designed to synchronize with your documents using artificial intelligence. It accepts multiple PDF uploads and blends your queries with the content of these PDF documents, allowing for a customized interaction. Tailor your chatbot to a specific document to obtain the most accurate and personalized responses.

AI Persona
Would you like to personalize artificial intelligence? It’s now possible to characterize AI by adding features such as name, emotion, life story, and more. With AI Persona, limited only by your imagination, create your own artificial intelligence character.

AI Fitness Coach
AI Fitness Coach is the first character developed with our AI persona product. Ready to assist you in the realms of a healthy lifestyle and fitness through our AI Hub and Multiverse platforms.

Multi-Platform Al Solutions Al Hub & Al Ecosystem in One Place. GPT Verse has created multiple AI projects that help streamline the healthcare process such as
AI Hub,
AI Education Language Tutor,
Multi PDF Chatbot,
AI persona,
AI Fitness coach and AI receptionist.

This innovation provides a Start to finish solution that helps doctors, nurses and other workers in the Healthcare ecosystem do their job Much easier and Much fater.

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