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Galaxis Raises $10m: Pioneering Community Engagement

Updated: 2 days ago

Funding Round Details:

  • Amount Raised: $10 million

  • Lead Investors: Rarestone Capital, Chainlink, Taisu Ventures, Nick Johnson and more

  • Additional Funds: $200,000 through an IEO on Bybit

  • Purpose: To enhance community engagement through NFTs and expand the utility of the GALAXIS token.


In a significant achievement that has caught the tech world's attention, Galaxis has raised $10 million in a funding round featuring major investors like Chainlink, Rarestone Capital, Taisu Ventures, and Nick Johnson, co-founder of ENS. Additionally, Galaxis garnered $200,000 through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Bybit. Incubated by CoinMarketCap, Galaxis is dedicated to transforming community engagement through NFTs, pushing the boundaries of Web3 technology.

What is Galaxis? 

Galaxis is a cutting-edge Web3 platform designed to bridge the gap between brands, celebrities, and their communities by leveraging NFTs. With their GALAXIS token, the platform provides unique opportunities to add real-world utility to NFTs, moving beyond traditional digital collectibles. Galaxis has already achieved substantial success through high-profile collaborations with DJ Steve Aoki, Val Kilmer, and LaMelo Ball, resulting in the sale of over 225,000 NFTs and generating 32,000 ETH (approximately $100 million) in secondary NFT sales.

Project History

Galaxis, originally known as Ether Cards, was founded by Andras Kristof, a prominent figure in the crypto space since 2013. Kristof, notable for setting up the first Bitcoin ATMs in Singapore, later founded the streaming site, which was sold to Rakuten for $230 million. Ether Cards, launched in 2018, evolved into Galaxis, focusing on integrating real-world utility with NFTs. The platform has seen significant success with high-profile collaborations, including those with Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, and Val Kilmer, selling over 225,000 NFTs and generating around 32,000 ETH in secondary sales (CoinTelegraph) (Analytics Insight).

The inception of Galaxis stemmed from the need to offer more meaningful and interactive ways for brands and individuals to connect with their audiences. Traditional engagement methods often fall short in providing real value and interaction. Galaxis aims to create a platform that not only facilitates the creation and sale of NFTs but also integrates these tokens into a broader ecosystem, enhancing community engagement and participation.

Technical Analysis

Galaxis offers a no-code, open-source platform that enables creators to mint, distribute, and manage NFTs with unique utility traits and interactive communication opportunities. It integrates with major blockchain solutions like Chainlink for cross-chain functionality and zero-knowledge rollup technology, enhancing transaction speed, security, and cost-effectiveness. This technical foundation allows Galaxis to provide dynamic Digital Membership Cards and other innovative NFT applications, positioning it as a leader in the practical use of NFTs for community engagement and brand-building (CoinTelegraph) (Analytics Insight).

Galaxis Project Utility.

Galaxis stands out for its ability to create NFT collections that form their own economy, fostering direct connections between creators and fans. By integrating NFTs into everyday interactions, Galaxis adds a layer of utility that extends beyond mere ownership. Strategic collaborations with celebrities and influential figures have amplified their reach, bringing mainstream attention to the potential of NFTs in community building.

What is the future of Galaxis?

The implications of Galaxis's innovative approach are profound. As the platform continues to grow, it is likely to set new standards for community engagement and NFT utility. By demonstrating the practical applications of NFTs in fostering direct and meaningful interactions, Galaxis is poised to drive wider adoption of blockchain technology in mainstream community and brand engagement strategies.

Galaxis is at the forefront of transforming community engagement through NFTs. With significant funding and high-profile collaborations, the platform is well-positioned to revolutionize how brands and individuals interact with their audiences. By adding real-world utility to NFTs, Galaxis is enhancing the value of these digital assets and paving the way for more integrated and interactive community experiences.


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