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The Sandbox (SAND) - The Epic Metaverse Revolution by Animoca Brands

The Sandbox is one of the most well-known and successful metaverse platforms in the cryptocurrency sector. Metaverse, meaning a virtual world with complete freedom and countless dynamics similar to real life, aims to enable individuals to continuously live in the virtual world. The steps taken by The Sandbox in this field have become milestones in the industry, leading to the inclusion of many companies in metaverse adaptation, ranging from the fashion industry to financial firms and gaming giants.

Who Owns The Sandbox?

Founded by #Sebastian Borget, an experienced figure in the gaming industry, The Sandbox is owned by Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands, a giant in the NFT, Web3, and Metaverse domains, dominates the metaverse space with The Sandbox.

The term "Sandbox" is not unfamiliar to gamers. Games that lack a specific scenario and task sequence, allowing players maximum freedom, are called Sandbox. It was chosen as the name for its compatibility with the concept of Metaverse.

Why is The Sandbox so Popular?

The Sandbox aims to provide an infrastructure where users can both play games and socialize. Instead of a fixed world, the goal is to have a rich cultural interaction with constantly changing experiences and to host various brands. Users socialize with various gamified experiences, while brands increase interaction with their customer base and advertise.

Experiences are developed by studios affiliated with The Sandbox. Users can benefit from these experiences for free by registering on The Sandbox. With a pixel-based structure similar to Minecraft from a graphic perspective, this platform simultaneously offers various experiences similar to Roblox. For example, alongside an experience specially developed by Adidas, you can also experience one related to Ramadan Eid.

Both cultural and brand-based experiences are highly valuable for users to adapt to and spend time in the metaverse world. Brands that develop their own experiences, in turn, preserve their brand values in the digital world and reach potential customers. Various gifts and rewards within the experience also contribute to this purpose.

Why Should I Invest in The Sandbox?

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology forms the foundation of the entire metaverse concept. These tokens represent a specific asset, usually its visual representation, and can function like a real-world title deed. Metaverse platforms, including The Sandbox, offer the virtual lands they create in this digital world as NFTs for sale. Those who want to create an experience on the platform either need to own land or lease it from someone who owns it. The larger the owned land, the broader the boundaries of the created experience.

As you can imagine, studios responsible for creating experiences in The Sandbox have their own lands. Operating like advertising agencies, these studios earn income by taking orders from brands to create experiences on the land. There are major brands on the platform that either want to be constantly active or invest in land for strategic purposes.

NFTs can represent any kind of asset within the metaverse. For example, in an experience featuring a historical battle scene, you can have a unique avatar by acquiring a special sword or shield. These swords and shields are also created in the form of NFTs. In other words, the NFT infrastructure ensures the ownership proof of every kind of asset in the metaverse universe.

With the popularity of metaverse platforms and the desire of many major brands to appeal to generation Z by creating their own experiences, a significant demand has emerged in the NFT market. During this period, the prices of metaverse lands or NFTs of special items significantly increased, contributing to the realistic realization of the dream of a virtual world. This has led to the emergence of the digital real estate sector.

What Can I Do With Sand Token?

Operating on the Ethereum network, The Sandbox has its own token called SAND. This token is the foundation of the platform's economy. Transactions within the platform are conducted using the SAND token. Additionally, when purchasing The Sandbox NFTs, payment can be made with SAND.

Can You Make Money From The Sandbox?

A specific SAND commission is deducted from transactions within The Sandbox and transferred to the platform's treasury. This treasury is used to make payments to studios and provide rewards for users' experiences. In short, the in-platform economy is facilitated by the SAND token.

SAND, a highly popular token, is traded on many exchanges. It is possible to earn income by acquiring SAND through in-experience rewards or NFT trading.

Only affiliated studios can publish the experiences they develop. However, experience development is entirely free to try. Pixel graphic-based worlds and assets suitable for The Sandbox can be experienced by downloading the VoxEdit application for free. Created assets can be dynamically tested by running them through The Sandbox's own game engine, GameMaker. If you're an aspiring developer in this field, you can gain experience this way and later collaborate with studios or even consider establishing your own studio.

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